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National Retail Properties is a real estate investment trust which owns, builds and manages single-tenant long-term leased properties nationwide. It is one of only two REITs which specializes in single-tenant net-lease properties. Its properties are leased to stores such as Best Buy and OfficeMax, and to restaurants such as Wendy's, CVS, Barnes and Noble, McDonalds, Denny's and Pizza Hut.

The company began in 1984 as Golden Corral Realty Corp, then reorganized as a REIT in 1998. It acquired Captec Net Lease Realty in 2000. It has been known as Commercial Net Lease Realty Inc. They acquired National Properties Corporation in 2005. They changed their name to National Retail Properties in 2006. Chairman and CEO is Craig Mcnab.

National Retail Properties Commericial Real Estate

The ticker symbol for this REIT is NNN, on the New York Stock Exchange. It used to be known as Commercial Net Lease Realty, but changed its name in 2006. They chose the sticker symbol of "NNN" because that's realty industry shorthand for a triple net lease, or what's called simply a net lease where the tenant pays almost all the costs staying in a property. This is what they focus on.

It has increased its dividends every year for the past 18 years. Yet the dividends they pay are 74% of their funds from operations. It originally focused on properties in the southern part of the United States.

National Retail Properties owns over 1,000 properties in 44 states -- a total of about 12 million square feet. That's 197 total different tenants. They bought more than $150 million dollars worth of properties in the first quarter of 2008, so it sounds as though they're taking advantage of the bad real estate market in the U.S., to get good properties on the cheap.

They also underwrite mezzanine real estate loans. These are second loans are property, making them subordinate to the first loans. Of course, this carries some risk of default, but because of that has high returns. They also make joint ventures with developers for ground up projects they think will be profitable.

National Retail Properties also issues some preferred stock, and they have a dividend reinvestment plan.

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