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NAREIT stands for the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts, and it is the American trade organization for REITs, and also for real estate companies around the world.

Their slogan is: REITs: Building Dividends and Diversification.

Although it's primarily a voice to represent every REIT, you can also join if you are a real estate professional or otherwise interested in the industry. You can join as an associate member. instead of a corporate member.

Your membership includes a large number of sources of additional information about the REIT industry:

Online Handbook and membership directory

NAREIT Slideshow about the basics of Real Estate Investment Trusts and the publicly traded real estate industry

Federal REIT Tax Compedium -- an interactive tool for researching all IRS rulings regarding real estate trusts.

Real Estate Portfolio magazine -- all about real estate and investing in REITs issues.

Half off the regular price of NAREIT conferences.

Complimentary copies of various other industry magazines, including: Financial Standards Updates/Alerts, IRS REIT Guidance, Look Who´s Talking About REITs and Publicly Traded Real Estate®, Look Who´s Talking Around The Globe®, NAREIT Domestic Returns, NAREIT Global Daily Return, NAREIT NewsBrief, NAREIT Quick Member Guide and the State and Local Tax Policy Bulletin.

You get a discount on various other publications.

You get access to these research publications: Data Library – (comprehensive source for industry performance statistics and capital market activities), REITWatch® – NAREIT´s online statistical report – and NAREIT´s monthly online publication that summarizes trends in the REIT and publicly traded real estate industry.

The NAREIT Website Contains a Wealth of Information on the REIT Industry

Their subsidiary site www.investinreits.com contains more information on how to invest in real estate investment trusts.

They also act to promote investments in REIT stocks in many ways -- for instance, by lobbying Congress to pass legislation to add a real estate index option to the federal employees' Thrift Fund.

They also promote high quality, uniform accounting standards for real estate investment trusts to practice. It would immensely benefit REIT investors if they could easily compare Funds From Operations (FFO) and Adjusted Funds From Operations (AFFO) figures across all companies.

They also sponsor the FTSE NAREIT US Real Estate Index Series and the FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Global Real Estate Index.

The front page of their web site contains links to interesting stories about REITs in the financial press.

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