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Healthcare Realty Trust (NYSE: HR) is a REIT that integrates owning, managing and developing real estate properties for medical outpatient delivery services in the United States. Therefore, they provide medical office buildings and other outpatient care facilities. They do this to limit possible losses.

Healthcare Realty was founded in 1992. They started off focusing only on medical office and outpatient buildings also because they have a low turnover private pay. Their headquarters are in Nashville Tennessee.

They own six different facility types, in 24 states, a total of 10.8 million square feet. A total of 181 properties and mortgages. This includes investments in three unconsolidated limited liability companies. They also provide asset management services. They do equity financing, project development, design and construction, and property management.

The Chairman of the Board and President is David R. Emery.

Healthcare Realty Trust Properties Include:

Baptist Medical Plaza, Baylor Pavilion, Baylor Medical Office Building. Greenpark One Medical Office, Medical Center Towers, Baptist-Collierville Medical Office, Landry Tower, Sammons Tower, Wadley-Barnett Towers, St. Thomas Heart Institute, Indiana Orthopaedic Hospital and Medical Office Building, Humphreys Medical Office, Baptist-Memphis Medical Office, Sarasota Medical Center, University Medical Campus Clinic, Coral Gables Medical Plaza, Huebner Medical Center, Baptist Women's Physician Office, Overland Park Medical Plaza, Lewis-Gale Clinic, St. Andrew's Surgery Center, Kerlan Jobe Medical Center, Baylor Medical Pavilion, and Baylor Medical Plaza IV.

Healthcare Realty Trust is real estate investment that is taking advantage in their own way of the growing health care industry.

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