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Franklin Street Properties Corp is a REIT (real estate investment trust) focused on commercial properties. Its New York Stock Exchange ticker symbol is FSP.

Franklin Street Properties began operations in 1997 and became a publicly traded company in June 2005. Company headquarters are in Wakefield Massachusetts.

Through a subsidiary, FSP Investments LLC (a real estate investment banking firm and registered broker/dealer), Franklin Street organizes single-property REITs that acquire, own and operate specific properties. They raise the capital to fund those REITs through private placement offerings.

Franklin Street Properties Portfolio:

Federal Way a/k/a Fountain Plaza, Hillview Center, Montague Business Center, 380 and 390 Interlocken, Greenwood Plaza, Centennial Technology Center, Highland Place I, 505 Waterford, 50 South Tenth St, Grand Boulevard, Timberlake, 303 East Wacker Drive, Northwest Point,

Franklin Street Properties is different from many real estate investment trusts in that it uses very little leverage. They don't have permanent mortgage debt on any of their properties. In the current credit-crunch crisis, this makes them especially attractive.

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