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Digital Realty Trust is a REIT specializing in datacenters. They own, operate, acquire, reposition and manage technology-related real estate. They own 100 buildings in 28 markets in North America and Europe. They lease 12.9 million square feet. Their New York Stock Exchange ticker symbol is DLR.

They have available: Turn-key datacenters, Built-to-suit datacenters, But-to-suit datacenters, Powered base buildings, and Critical facilities management.

They have 50 tenants who are Fortune 500 companies, including Facebook. They're financial services, media, communications and technology based companies that need the latest technology, such as advanced heating and cooling architecture, multi-layered security and enhanced fire suppression systems.

They have available a number of turn-key datacenters from a few hundred kilowatts to megawatts of power. All conform to LEED and BREAM green standards. All have redundancy for increased security. They're built with Digital Realty's proprietary POD architecture to maximize efficient use of electricity, as measured by the Power Utilization Efficiency (PUE) standard. They are designed to house Mission Critical data, and are managed by their Critical Facilities Management program.

Their Build-to-suit data centers use a special Gating Process allows them to finish building within months, not years.

With Buy-to-suit datacenters, a company can use Digital's vast experience in both the U.S. and Europe to determine where to put the datacenter they need, and Digital helps them every step of the way with their expertise.

Powered base buildings are shell facilities which can be adapted to suit the needs of the tenant, so they're buildings within buildings. They have all necessary infrastructure, including power, access to fiber, local planning permissions. This is for organizations that have the expertise to create their own datacenters inside the shells. They all meet the two green standards, LEED and BREAM.

Their Critical facilities management program provides the manpower, documentation and systems management organizations need to have someone handle their datacenters for them. They include what they call the best of breed: Building Management System (BMS), Security Access Control System (SACS), and Computerized Management Maintenance System (CMMS).

DLR also offers a plan for customers to maximize uptime by receiving emergency fuel with which to continue database operations even during prolonged emergencies. They do this in cooperation with Foster Fuels.

They were the first REIT in this niche, and are still the largest.

Digital Realty Trust is a REIT well-positioned to benefit from the continuing need for corporations to maintain their systems and their databases under any and every circumstances.

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