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CommonWealth REIT (NYSE:CWH) is a Real Estate Investment Trust that used to go by the name HRPT Properties Trust.

The company was founded in 1986 as a healthcare REIT. In the 1990s they sold their healthcare properties and bought office buildings. In July 2010 they changed their name to CommonWealth REIT.

They had three subsidiaries: Hospitality Properties Trust (HPT), Senior Housing Properties Trust (SNH), and Government Properties Income Trust (GOV). CommonWealth REIT is managed by Reit Management & Research LLC (RMR).

CommonWealth REIT Property Portfolio Includes:

22 Inverness Center, 31 Inverness Center, 40 Inverness Center, 785 Schilinger Road South, 104 Inverness Center, Colonial Bank Building, 46 Inverness Center Parkway, 42 Inverness Center, 10 Inverness Center, 44 Inverness Center, Anasazi Plaza I, 400 N. Fifth Street, 4 South 84th Avenue, One South Church Avenue, 565 North 3rd Street Anasazi Plaza II, 455 N Third Street - Retail & Garden office 400 East Van Buren Street, Regents Centre, 500 Industrial Boulevard, Fountain View Business Park 2, Fountain View Business Park 1, 1762 E. Glenn Curtiss Street, El Segundo Vineyard, Bradshaw Business Parks, 1800 E. Glenn, Curtiss Street, Bradshaw Business Parks, Airport Plaza, Bradshaw Business Parks, Carmel One Vineyard, 620 Coolidge Drive, Bradshaw Business Parks, Bradshaw Business Parks, 2235 Iron Point Road, El Camino Vineyard, Bradshaw Business Parks, Sorrento Valley, 47201 Lakeview Boulevard, 18705 Madrone Parkway, 18701 Wilmington Ave, Parks 18735 Madrone Parkway, Sorrento Valley, 295 Parkshore Drive, Golden Eagle Vineyard, 47131 Bayside Parkway, 47211/47215 Lakeview Boulevard, Fountain View Business Park 3, Riverbank Plaza II, 47900 Bayside Parkway, Sky Park Centre I, 5051 Rodeo Road, 1760 E. Glenn Curtiss Street, 18715 Madrone Parkway, McCoy Vineyard, Largo Vineyard, 600 Coolidge Drive, 1921 East Alton Avenue, Sky Park Centre III 255, Parkshore Drive, Riverbank Plaza I, 1815 University Drive, La Gloria Vineyard, Wadsworth Avenue #1, Wadsworth Avenue #2, Inverness Woodmen Office Campus II, Boulder County Business Center, Highland Place II, 17th Street Plaza Columbia - Health One LLC, RE/MAX Plaza, International, 91 Portfolio, Liberty Plaza, Milford Place Corporate Center, I-91 Portfolio, Signature 91, 100 Northfield Drive, The Verizon Building, Jefferson Plaza, 802 Delaware Avenue, Herald Square, 3300 Whitehaven St. NW, 2001 Wisconsin Ave, One Enterprise 6600 North Military Trail, 2100 Northwest 82nd Avenue, Executive Park 20, Executive Park 18, 7629 Highway 140 NW, Executive Park 4, Executive Park 50, Executive Park 57, Executive Park 5, Corporate Square 2, Executive Park 59, Corporate Square 3, Executive Park 52, Corporate Square 13, The Triangle Building, Executive Park 8, Breckenridge, Holcolmb Woods, Highridge Center, Executive Park 3, Executive Park 6, Corporate Square 54, 400 Princeton Boulevard, Executive Park 4E, EKA Chemicals Building, Executive Park 26, Executive Park 17, 1765 The Exchange, 9040 Roswell Road, Executive Park 22, Corporate Square 9, James Campbell Industrial Land, Parcel 41 Moanalua Industrial Subdivision, 2635 Waiwai Loop, Moanalua Commercial Subdivision, Pali Safeway, 525 North King, Salt Lake Shopping Center, Mapunapuna Industrial Subdivision, Puuhale Industrial Subdivison, Triangle Plaza West Tower, 1717 Deerfield, 625 Crane Street, Lakeside Point II, Two Illinois Center, Bannockburn Centre, Triangle Plaza East Tower, Lakeside Point I, Meridian Lake I, 1955 West Field Court, Fidelity Plaza Tower II, 745 S. Gardner Street, National City Center 3600, Woodview Trace, 951 E. Trails Road, TPI Composites, Exchange Place 13, Widmer Place 5, Tech Center 3 Waterside Four, Widmer Place 4, Waterside Three, Exchange Place 14, 10105 Marshall, 13900 West 101st Street Tech Center 6, Exchange Place 8, 16011 College Blvd, Lenexa Business Center 2, Exchange Place 9, Monaxa, Exchange Place 15, Tech Center 2, 9850 Industrial Blvd, Southlake Retail, Exchange Place 5, Ecoworks I & II, 9901 Pflumm Road, Lenexa Business Center 3, Exchange Place 2, Tech Center 1, Lenexa Business Center 4, Tech Center 5, Tech Center 4, 5015 S. Water Street, Exchange Place 1, 9802 Widmer, Exchange Place 6, Exchange Place 12, Waterside One, Lenexa Business Center 6, 13901 West 101st Street, IBM Flex, Tech Center 8, Lenexa Business Center 1, Widmer Place 3, Lenexa Business Center 5, 820 West Diamond Avenue, 100 South Charles Street, Tower II M&T Bank Building, 9717 Key West Avenue, 9719 Key West Avenue, 9715 Key West Avenue, Potomac Crossing, Candler Building, Montrose Office Center, One Adams Place, 111 Powdermill Road, 470 Myles Standish Blvd, Fallon Clinics 8, One Heritage Drive, 109 Brookline Avenue, 440 Myles Standish Blvd, Two Heritage Drive, 50 Cabot Boulevard (Land), 2300 Crown Colony, 330 Billerica Road, Two Adams Place, One Constitution Way, 20 Cabot Boulevard, 575 West Street, Gulley Road Industrial Park 3, Fairlane Commerce Park 15050, Gulley Road Industrial Park 2, Fairlane Commerce Park 15300, Fairlane Commerce Park 15401, Fairlane Commerce Park 15000, 777 East Eisenhower Parkway, Fairlane Commerce Park 15101, Fairlane Commerce Park 15301, Gulley Road Industrial Park 5, 789 East Eisenhower Parkway, Fairlane Commerce Park 15201, Fairlane Commerce Park 15001, Fairlane Commerce Park 15301, Fairlane Commerce Park 15201, Mercantile, Parklane Towers, Gulley Road Industrial Park, 4 Gulley Road Industrial Park 1, Fairlane Commerce Park 15120, Rosedale Corporate Plaza A, Superior Plaza, New Flyer Industrial Facility, Quadrant Office Building, 411 Farwell Avenue, Rosedale Corporate Plaza B, Willow Creek Plaza, Rosedale Corporate, Plaza C, General Dynamics, Capitol Office Building, Prime Net, Rosedale Corporate Plaza F, Holmes Corporate Centre II, 1285 Fern Ridge, West Park 1, 1900 Meyer Drury, Holmes Corporate Center I, 131 West Ninth Street, Belletower Building, Voorhees Corporate Center, Technology Center, 5 Paragon Drive, Voorhees Corporate Center, Voorhees Corporate Center, Waterfront Corporate Center One, Santa Fe, One Park Square B, Bank of America Centre, One Park Square Main, One Park Square A, One Park Square C, One Park Square D, Merrill Lynch Retail, Merrill Lynch Office, 2100 Brighton Henrietta, Town Line, 777 Canal View Blvd, Lakeshore Office Building, Corporate Woods I, 1057 E Henrietta Road, Woodcliff II, Olympus America Corporate Crossing - 179, Salina Meadows Parkway - 251, Widewaters I, Henry Clay Office Building, Woodcliff I, 2320 Brighton Henrietta Town Line, The Pavilion, Corporate Crossing - 167, Sherburne Building, Widewaters VI, Woodcliff VI, Widewaters VIII, Widewaters VII, 3144 Winton Road South, Fishers Crossing - 1212, One Suffolk Square, One Lincoln Center, Widewaters IX, Corporate Crossing - 171, Widewaters V, Widewaters III, Woodcliff III, Interstate Place I, Woodcliff V, 205 Indigo Creek, Widewaters II, 2144 Brighton Henrietta Town Line, Corporate Crossing - 175 150 Bellwood Drive, 8687 Carling Road Corporate Crossing - 183, 140 Canal View Blvd, Brittonfield I, Bushnell's Basin, 2165 Brighton Henrietta Town Line, 180 Canal View Blvd, 500 Canal View Blvd, Interstate Place II, Woodcliff IV, Enterprise Office Building, Fishers Crossing - 1200, 546 Harvey Faulk Road, 300 North Greene Street, Raintree Industrial Park 5275, North Point Office Complex, Cornell Center, Raintree Parkway 5250, Raintree Industrial Park I, 5380 One Waterstone Place, Raintree Industrial Park 5265, 721 E. Richard Street, 32150 Just Imagine Drive, Kings Mill Office, Three Crowne Point, Raintree Industrial Park 5201, Foster Plaza 6, Cherrington Corporate Center, 1035 Virginia Drive, Mellon Bank Center, 401 Vine Street Union Meeting Three, Cherrington Corporate Center, 1525 Locust Street, Union Meeting Three Bookspan Industial Facility, One Franklin Plaza, 515 Pennsylvania Avenue, 3043 Walton Road, Cherrington Corporate Center, One Stuart Plaza, Cherrington Corporate Center, 443 South Gulph Road, Foster Plaza 10, Union Meeting Three Foster Plaza 7, 580 Virginia Drive, Cherrington Corporate Center, Foster Plaza 1, Cherrington Corporate Center, 4350 Northern Pike, Foster Plaza 4, Centre Square Cherrington Corporate Center, Foster Plaza 2, Foster Plaza 5, Foster Plaza 3, 475 Virginia Drive, 1600 Market Street, Synergy Business Park - Congaree Stephenson Center, Synergy Business Park - Converse, Stephenson Center, 128 Crews Drive, 1043 Global Avenue, Caterpillar Logistics Center, Stephenson Center, Synergy Business Park - Santee, 7909 Parklane Road, Synergy Business Park - Winthrop, 775 Ridge Lake, Lakecrest III, 633 Frazier Drive, Exchange Park, 3003 South Expressway 281, Bridgepoint Square Two, Research Park Main Building A and B, 9840 Gateway Blvd North, Motorola Global Communications, Bridgepoint Square Four, The Atrium Office Center, Bridgepoint Square One, Lakewood C, Research Park Tech Center 3, The Austin Building, Bridgepoint Square Five, Research Park Tech Center 4, Lakeview Plaza Meridian Executive Park, Research Park Tech Center 2, Lakewood B, Research Park Expansion (West Building), Bridgepoint Square Three, Protection One, Quarry Lake Business Center, Stafford Commerce Center I, Falls Church, 75 Barrett Heights Rd, Stafford Commerce Center III, 2800 Eisenhower Avenue, Stafford Commerce Center II, 65 Barrett Heights Rd, Wright I, Smithfield Building at Park Central, Wright II, Oceana Place, Stafford Commerce Center IV, 3330 North Washington Boulevard, 181 Battaile Drive, Andover Executive Park, Bellevue Corporate Plaza, West Valley Distribution Center, Carmike Cinemas, The Expedia Building, 100 East Wisconsin Avenue, 351 Collins Road, Milwaukee Center Office Tower, 22 Rodborough Road, 310-320 Pitt Street, 16 Rodborough Road, 44-46 Mandarin Street, 9-13 Titanium Court, 310-314 Invermay Road, 253-293 George Town Road, 71-93 Whiteside Road, 127-161 Cherry Lane, 7 Modal Crescent, and 19 Leadership Way.

Therefore, CommonWealth REIT is large and well diversified geographically.

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