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Berkshire Income Realty, Inc (AMEX: BIR) is a real estate investment trust that concentrates on acquiring, rehabilitating, owning and operating multifamily apartment communities.

Berkshire Income Realty owns interest in 25 of these apartment buildings or complexes. Eight are in the Washington D.C./Baltimore Maryland area. Four are in Virginia. Four are in Houston Texas. Three are in other Texas cities. Two are in Chicago Illinois. One in Charlotte North Carolina. One in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. On is in Atlanta Georgia. One in Sherwood Oregon.

Douglass Krupp is the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Berkshire Property Advisors manages their day to day activities. They're an affiliate of The Berkshire Group, which began in 1969.

Onsite management services is provided by Berkshire Realty Holdings and its affiliates. They are owned by an affiliate of The Berkshire Group, in joint venture with unaffiliated companies such as Whitehall Street Real Estate XI Limited Partnership (an affiliate of Goldman Saches) and affiliate of Blackstone Real Estate Advisors. They have been in operation since 1969.

Berkshire Property Advisors Portfolio:

Arboretum Place, Arrowhead, Bear Creek Apartments, Berkshires on Brompton, Bridgewater on the Lake, Country Place I, Country Place II, Hannibal Grove, Lake Ridge Apartments, Laurel Woods, Moorings, Riverbirch Apartments, Silver Hill at the Aboretum, The Seasons, Westchester West Apartments, Yorktowne, Sunfield Lakes, Savannah at Citrus Park, Chisholm Place Apartments, Standard at Lenox, Briarwood Village, Hampton House, Walden Pond, and The Gables Apartments.

Berkshire Income Realty, Inc is a REIT that could benefit from the number of people who are foreclosed on due to the mortgage crisis, and must rent apartments.

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