AMB Property Corporation

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AMB Property is an equity industrial REIT that is one of the leading developer, acquirer, owners and operator of distribution facilities. They have 155 million square feet in 15 countries in North America, Europe and Asia. Their New York Stock Exchange symbol is AMB.

AMB Property for Storage and Distribution

They serve 2,800 customers in 47 markets in 15 countries. They locate near key airports, seaports, and major highway systems. Their customers need air and ocean cargo facilities, freight forwarding, and third-party logistics. They need temporary storage and distribution services near hubs and gateway centers.

AMB started out in 1983 as a private investment management firm.

Some of their properties are located in the Pearl River Delta in Beijing China, Shanghai, New Delhi India, Osaka Japan, Singapore, Busan and Seoul South Korea, Brussels Belgium, Lyon and Paris France, Amsterdam and Rotterdam the Netherlands, Madrid Spain, London United Kingdom, Toronto Canada, Atlanta, Baltimore, Washington DC, South Florida, Austin, Houston, Seattle, Guadalara, Tiajuana, Guadalajara and Mexico City Mexico.

They have a subsidiary, AMB Capital Partners LLC, which is dedicated to the co-investment business.

In January 2011 AMB and ProLogis Trust announced a merger, keeping the ProLogis name and ticker symbol. Together they'll be the fourth largest Real Estate Investment Trust in the United States.

The corporate headquarters of AMB Property is in San Francisco California.

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