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H&R REIT is an open-ended real estate investment trust that focuses on commercial real estate, office, retail and industrial. Its stock ticker symbol on the Toronto Stock Exchange is HR.UN.

H&R now owns 120 retail properties, 34 office properties and 121 industrial properties, and three under development, for a total of 41 million square feet - most of it in Greater Toronto Ontario area. Thomas J. Hofstedter is President and Chief Executive Officer, and their corporate headquarters are in Downsview Ontario.

H&R REIT Portfolio:

160 Elgin St., 450-1st St., 411-1st St., S.E. 3777 Kingsway St. 310-320-330 Front St., 5099 Creekbank Rd., 100 Wynford Dr.,  200 Bouchard Boul., 25 Sheppard Ave. W., 5025 Creekbank Rd., 5115 Creekbank Rd., 160 McNabb St., 9050 W. Washington Blvd., 55 Yonge St., 145 Wellington St., 110 Sheppard Ave., 649 North Service Rd., 2780-2800 Skymark Ave., 6900 Maritz Dr., 1235 Bay St., 291-295 The West Mall, 200 Jameson Dr., 5901 E. Fowler Ave., 2089 W. Neways Dr., 69 Yonge St., 1 Kenview Blvd., 88 McNabb St., 1618 Station St., 3625 Dufferin St. 2767-2nd Ave., 136 Charlotte St., 15 Dorchester S., and 131 McNabb St.

Therefore, H&R REIT is well-positioned to benefit from economic activity in Greater Toronto.

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