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Dundee REIT (TSX: D.UN) is an unincorporated, open-end real estate investment trust owning a portolio of about 6.6 million square feet of leasable commercial real estate space, office, retail and industrial.

Their property is managed by Dundee Realty Management Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary.

J. Michael Knowlton is President and Chief Executive Officer.

Dundee REIT Portfolio:

Station Tower, 4400 Dominion Street, 625 Agnes Street, 4370 Dominion Street, 960 Quayside Drive,British Columbia OfficeTelus Tower, Calgary 840-7th Avenue SW, McFarlane Tower, Life Plaza, Airport Corporate Centre, Franklin Atrium, Roslyn Building, IBM Corporate Park, Atrium II, Atrium I, Joffre Place, Dominion Centre, 2891 Sunridge Way, Kensington House, AltaLink Place, 3510, 29th Street NE, 2175 29th Street NE, 2256 29th Street NE, 2121 29th Street NE, Mount Royal Place, Franklin Building, 2886 Sunridge Way NE, ARAM Building, 3250 Sunridge Way NE, 3030 Sunridge Way NE, Alberta Office 1900 Sherwood Place, Victoria Tower, Princeton Tower, Scotia Centre, Precambrian Building, Northwest Tower, Preston Centre, Bellanca Building, AIR MILES Tower, State Street Financial Centre, 720 Bay Street, 110 Sheppard Avenue East, 15303-128th Avenue, Alberta Park, Bonaventure Centre, 7102-7220 Barlow Trail SE, 7004-7042 30th Street SE, 4710-4760 14th Street NE, Lee Valley Building, 2777 23rd Avenue NE, 2150 29th Street NE, 1139-1165 40th Avenue NE, 2151 32nd Street NE, 501-529 36th Avenue SE, 4504-4576 14th Street NE, 2928 Sunridge Way NE, 4402-4434 10th Street NE, 2985 23rd Avenue NE, Park 19, 535-561 36th Avenue SE, Wood Group 6804-6818 30th Street 2876 Sunridge Way NE, 6023-6039 Centre Street South, 4502-4516 10th Street NE, 6043-6055 Centre Street South, 530-544 38A Avenue SE, 1135-1149 45th Avenue NE, 4620-4640 11th Street NE, 102-114 61st Avenue SW, 4001-4019 23rd Street NE, 2915-2925 58th Avenue SE, 4515-4519 1st Street SE, 3503-3521 62nd Avenue SE, 4501-4509 1st Street SE, 4523-4529 1st Street SE, 7122-7126 Barlow Trail SE, and 7128-7132 Barlow Trail SE.

Therefore, Dundee is a real estate company well-positioned to benefit from economic activity around Canada.

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