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BTB REIT is an unincorporated, open-end real estate investment trust focusing now on property east of Ottawa, Ontario. They plan to become more geographically diverse. They plan to invest in income-producing commercial real estate -- mid-market office, retail and industrial.

Michel Leonard is the President and Chief Executive Officer, and company headquarters is in Montreal Quebec.

BTB REIT Property Portfolio:

2900 Jacques-Bureau Avenue, 2220 Lapinière Blvd, 1125 Saint-Martin Blvd, 4890-4898 Taschereau Blvd, 7205-7235 Saint-Jacques Street West, 3627 to 3645 Des Sources Blvd, 3781 Des Sources Blvd, 12055-12085 Laurentian Blvd, 1863-1865 Trans-Canada Highway, 2004-2016 René-Laennec, 1400-1440 Antonio-Barbeau, 4105 Sartelon Street, 100 De Montarville Blvd, 32, 50 and 85 St-Charles, 2865-2885 De Portland, 2059 René-Patenaude, 1635-1645 King E. & 150-170 Chemin Duplessis, Les Halles St-Jean, Complexe de Léry, 5810 Sherbrooke East, 5878 Sherbrooke Street East, 7001-7035 St-Laurent Blvd., 2212-2216 Dollard Avenue, 2340 Lapinière Blvd, 1001 Sherbrooke Street East, 81-83 Turgeon Street, 705 Boundary Road, 725 Boundary Road, 805 Boundary Road, 2901 & 2905 Marleau Avenue, Place Lebourgneuf - Phase I, 2153-2155 Crescent Street, Place Jacques-Cartier, 560 Henri-Bourassa Blvd West, 3036-3094 Chemin De Chambly, 204 De Montarville Blvd, 3885 Harvey Blvd, 745-805 King Street East, 33-66 Jacques-Cartier Boulevard North, 1100 & 1108-1136 St-Joseph Boulevard, 665-669 Thibeau Boulevard, and 1400, 1410 and 1415 Marie-Victorin.

BTB REIT is well-positioned to benefit from economic activity in Eastern Canada.

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